The Charity

At HelpmelearnAfrica we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to go to school. Our charity raises funds and supports volunteering programmes, so that you can help children through Africa gain an education.

So, experience new cultures, meet new people and help give back to less fortunate communities by being a part of our team. Together we can change the world, as no act of kindness no matter how small goes unnoticed.

Louise Barea

Founder of: HelpmelearnAfrica

I began my journey into volunteering over 10 years ago after I took a trip to morocco to help at an orphanage in Tangiers. In 2013, the opportunity to build 2 classrooms in a poor village in Ghana came up, and I jumped to the occasion. This experience changed my life. A year later I returned to the same village and built a further 4 classrooms.

Now in 2018 after returning from another visit to the village I decided to embark on my own mission and continue the development of the school. In two weeks I was able to raise over 3000 pounds, and managed to purchase; over 1500 textbooks of every subject, white boards and blackboards, the build of a wall to separate classrooms, a floor, food for every student and the walls of classes 7 8 and 9. Volunteering was a life changing experience for me, and I want others to be able to experience this, because giving back is the most rewarding thing any person can do.

Children are the future so why not invest money and time into a better life for them by providing them with an education. So HelpmelearnAfrica was created in order to encourage people to volunteer. Its programme aims to provide educational assistance to children across Africa, as well as infrastructure, such as school buildings and educational aids. Our programme allows people to travel to different destinations and embark on a journey of a lifetime.