13th May 2020


Louise Barea

Never could I have imagined the storm that was about to come. The shutting down of schools, markets, businesses,  social gatherings and the pressure of having to feed over 700 kids daily. Covid-19 you have affected the small villages of Kewunor and  Azizianya  more than ever . 

Right now I can honestly say that whilst I am trying to do as much as I can to make sure no one goes hungry…my heart is broken.  

I have worked tirelessly for the past few years to give  children in Ghana equal opportunities in life with a large focus on education. All this has now been set aside and my new focus is survival.

In 2 days my team have had to think fast and arrange  food supplies to feed as many kids as possible. 

In 2 days my team have had to educate hundreds of kids about a fast spreading virus that can be life threatening.

In 2 days they have had to emphasise the importance of social distancing and hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus 

2 days is what it’s taken but how long will this last is a question I ask myself daily. 

For those who know me, they know I like to be hands on and in control but not being allowed to travel to Ghana at this point in time and having to cancel volunteering projects has taken a toll on me. I have had to put complete faith and trust in my team, who have been essential to the success of the Covid-19 feeding programme. The Ghana team have worked tirelessly every day in two different locations managing hundreds of kids of all ages and backgrounds. They have made sure everyone that has attended the programme has left with a meal and not rejected anyone. For the past three weeks they have not had a single day off or even complained about the tremendous amount of strain this has put on their lives. They have done all this whilst complying to the social distancing and hygiene regulations. As you can imagine social distancing in crammed and over populated areas with hundreds of kids is practically impossible. Yet, this has been done successfully for the past 3 weeks . I am extremely proud of the Ghana team and can’t begin to describe my gratitude towards all of them. 

Although they keep thanking me and all  of you who have donated to keep the programme running,  I can’t  but help feeling that I am the one who should be thanking them for being so incredibly organised, professional, hard working and selfless.

To the Ghana team (my family )I thank you  from the bottom of my heart.

The world thanks you.