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Laxmi Poojary

The first time I travelled to Ghana I was just 17 years.I helped build six classrooms, and shared an experience of a lifetime. This experience changed my life so much that I extended my original 4 week trip to 6 weeks! I also went back in 2018 to the village where I built those 6 classrooms and took on a teaching programme. I think volunteering is so rewarding .Words will never explain how satisfying it is, being able to make a difference and see the impact it has one someone’s life is just indescribable…a must experience for yourself’. Volunteering helped me appreciate the little things in life and not to worry so much about things which back at home I would stress about. It made me develop as a person in many different ways. I learned skills I never thought I would learn, I integrated as part of a new culture and community which I now consider family, and showed me the importance of working together with other fellow volunteers as a team to significantly improve lives. Volunteering changed the way I see the world it made me a better person. So step out of your comfort zone, and embrace what life has to offer, because life is so much better when we can help each other. I cannot recommend volunteering enough, especially with such a great team of people.