Blog Post

Louise Barea

5 years ago I volunteered and embarked on a journey that changed my life. 5 years ago I discovered who I really was 5 years ago I found happiness I realised that human beings possess the ability to have a massive impact on the world. And that the world is a beautiful place So, volunteer….because volunteering allows us to give back, to open our minds and expand our knowledge. Volunteering lets us leave a small imprint of our hearts and soul somewhere where it can make a massive difference. Volunteer, because your knowledge has a larger effect than what you think. Because seeing people’s reaction to the difference you made in their lives is priceless. So, volunteer because you can change lives. Volunteer, become part of a community, live like the locals eat like the locals, sleep like the locals Volunteer, be a part of something so big that will not only change your life but massively change theirs Volunteer, fall in love with the people, and immerse yourself into a new life Volunteer, leave your imprint in peoples heart, have an impact on the world. Volunteer, because you only live once and what a legacy you would leave behind!